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Garbage app

Do not purchase. Waste of money. Nothing works doesn’t connect with devices.

Not working




Not good

I am not able to connect to app

5 or nothing

Will update later


Make you give them 5 star before you can do anything and then it won’t pair to the phone, scam. I’m notifying iTunes


Forced review and rating

Not working

This App is not working with my Iphone 7


It's good!


This app didn’t work at all I would love a refund considering it’s useless. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Why review before use?

Forced to review to use this app


Works ok

5 stars?

Trying to get access the the application options


You know why I'm rating this..

Makes you leave a 6 star

Don’t now about this yet

5 stars review required

5 stars review required to use the app.

Great 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Awesome app


Total scam! Does not work at all! I believe it’s illegal to do what they ask,and get nothing!


Best around

Not working

Just like other reviews, had to do 5 star to get it. Not working looking at a blank screen. Inquiring for a refund.

This crap is trash. Booooo

So it makes you give it five stars before even using it, once you do that it doesnt load and you CAN’T use it! This app is utter trash! Don’t waste your 4.99 on it! In fact I want my money back! I figured since I had to pay for it it would be worth it. I figured so wrong!


Have to give 5 star rating

Great app

Great app! I really recommend it.


Its ok, but they force u to write a review


Don’t buy it doesn’t work if I could give no stars I would.

It's great



Haven’t tried yet want to unlock will review further


Rating 5 stars to use app. Will update after on if it works or not


This is that app my new Chinese phone said to get. I hope it works. I will update when I know more I am still not able to connect and I paid the money and I am writing a review for the second time. Fix it or give me a refund

Haven’t even used it yet and it’s 5 stars

Wow i love how bossy it be. It better work


This is a scam app they till you you have to leave us a 5 star in order for the app to work and in the end there is nothing working. Refund my money

5 stars

Seems good

Must review/does not work!!!!!!

Must review to see if it works. Here goes nothing.


Good stuff here I tell you


Nice app

Downloading app

Sending review to use app

Forced review

This forces you to leave a 5 star review in order to use it. Considering this app is currently at the top of the charts you have to wonder how apple is not aware of this. Here’s to hoping once I leave this, I’ll be able to use this app.

Hope it is good

Hope it works

Good work!

This is a tét. Why rate 5 stars ưhen i have't used it yet?


Scam do not buy. Waste of money

Just downloaded

It seems ok can’t get it to work yet

Don’t be a fool


Ok app

I got this after wasting my money on other apps

Do not buy

You have to give it a 5 star rating before you can use it. Total crap.

Great App

Love this app


Don’t waste ur money. Does NOT work at all


You’re forces to give 5 stars upon opening app. Next, open app and there is no data, support, or information otherwise! I will be reporting, blogging, YouTubing, Facebooking and any other avenue to warn others of this scam app!!!

This doesn’t work waste of money scam

This app is some straight garbage I called my cc company and refused the charges since Apple won’t do anything about it.


App does not connect to my device

Does Not Work!

I paid 4.99 for connecting to my IPhone 6s and it does not show up in my Settings! My husband has an Android phone. On the Google Playstore the App is FREE and his works perfectly? Why? I went back to Central then Peripheral and still nothing after 2 Days! I would like a Refund Please!

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